AID & AIMS has the expertise and profound internal knowledge base to provide professional services in the following areas:

  • HR Policies Formulation & Payroll Management
  • Business Process & Resource Outsourcing
  • Financial Reviews & Advisory Services


HR Policies Formulation & Payroll Management

Managing employee salaries is an essential business function.  We provide companies a cost effective alternative to managing payroll themselves.  Typically companies are not large enough to employ their own payroll specialist or, if they are foreign, they do not posses adequate knowledge of local employment regulations and requirements. Often, payroll management services are flexibly linked to our accounting services.


Business Process & Resource outsourcing

Employee Outsourcing can be a cost effective alternative to the expense and administrative burden of a traditional employer-employee relationship.  Outsourcing your human resource functions allows you to focus on business development and provides administrative relief from many employment responsibility such as payroll preparation, income tax reporting and employee benefits and workers compensation.

Employee Outsourcing service by AID & AIMS presents a unique model where a number of HR Processes have been seamlessly amalgamated in presenting a comprehensive outsourcing solution to clients.  AID & AIMS acts as a “Third Party Service Provider” that recruits, hires, trains and places a workforce as per client specifications within a matter of weeks.  This workforce is capable of delivering as per client expectations from the first day on the job.  Subsequently, AID & AIMS looks after the outsourced staffs’ employment records/files, salary and benefit management, promotions and increments, regulatory and statutory requirements and all disciplinary and performance management matters.

Financial Review & Advisory Service

AID & AIMS masters the field of accounts payable consulting and recovery auditing.  AID & AIMS offers a full range of services including accounts payable disbursement audits, contract review, procurement evaluation, vendor file management, escheatment review, process improvement and other related disbursement services.